Prada Necklace from 2012 collection

    The Long white Shirt   Fashion can be general but mostly it is always about the detail. The long white shirt is a stunning piece that could go through the year whether paired with flats and cuffed denim for spring/summer or layered for autumn/winter. Details keep the shirtContinue Reading

Simple things can tweak a wardrobe, this season it is about keeping patterns on the bottom half of the body. Skirts and pants set against a simple Tee, shirt or a simple knit, will set off this look. Keep stocking or socks plain too, just to make the skirt, trousersContinue Reading

What is trending and women’s fashion can sometimes be a challenge, not everyone has a limitless supply of time, energy or money to keep adding to their wardrobe. The other aspect to a woman’s wardrobe is not to look like a fashion victim either but to keep things fresh andContinue Reading