Once you have accomplished the skill of swimming, the next goal is to set a fitness plan. Decide what you want to achieve. Is it general fitness and socialising? Will you be participating in water sports? Or are you looking for something a bit more challenging? Let’s have aContinue Reading

  Swimming is a skill that is needed for a variety of sports and for safety concerns with water sports, including yachting. To start find a good instructor or class to help with your needs. The basic requirements to swimming are the ability to float, to be able to swimContinue Reading

Every month we are having a look at what you need to participate in a sport. This month it is swimming. 1 Sports Bag – To carry the kit 2 Pairs of Bathers – Accidents happen 2 Pairs of Goggles – Just in case of breakages 2 Towels – OneContinue Reading