Star Trek Discovery Editor’s Pick; Star Trek Discovery season 2 is available today on Netflix and CBS. Created as a CBS original tv series, it has been fraught with conflict and disorganisation in season 1, which did translate to the show itself. At times I wondered whatContinue Reading

The Movie Clif Kosterman is the bodyguard to Jensen and Jared, he tweets about his life and adventures over on @bodyguard4jandj Clif and his brother Mitch Kosterman filmed the Supernatural Fandom documentary over a period of 3 years. The brothers have formed the film company Two Sharks Media and workedContinue Reading

  I first heard of DJ Qualls, when my eldest goddaughter, Kimberley, had a teen love crush on him. The New Guy movie was newly released and seemed to be playing a lot in the family room with herself glued to the spot adoring DJ. Kimberley had always had aContinue Reading

  On a balmy Adelaide evening, I was treated to a great night out at the Hilton for dinner with Tahmoh Penikett. With an impressive filmography list on IMDb his credits include Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural, he did not disappoint for a fun night out. Tahmoh grew up in YukonContinue Reading

  The all new X-Files has arrived, having premiered overseas a few days ago. The new 6 part series will premiere on Australian TV Sunday night, January 31 at 8.30pm on channel Ten. More than 20 years since the pilot aired, the first episode is titled My Struggle. The episodeContinue Reading

  I met Jim Beaver a couple of years ago over dinner. I enjoyed his work on Supernatural and Justified. The subject came up about him looking after himself and someone asked him if he had taken his vitamins. Jim was pretty cool about it. He seems to take thingsContinue Reading

Arrow Arrow Season 3 “My name is Oliver Queen”. If you are in the U.S., watch for free on the CW website. Arrow has been renewed for Season 4.   Blue Bloods Blue Bloods as just been renewed for another season. If copyright is permitted in the country you live,Continue Reading

  A couple of years ago Mark Pellegrino and his wife did a significant Supernatural (TV series) tour Down Under, taking in some parts of New Zealand during that time. I got to catch up with Mark and his wife over dinner as part of that time they spent here.Continue Reading

Mark Marshall’s documentary is a gem of American History. He describes the foundation of his project as; “Most people are familiar with the Titanic but very few are acquainted with the Steamboat Sultana. The largest maritime disasters in American History.” Mark Marshall directs and co-wrote the documentary with Brian Hughes.Continue Reading