For this article, we take a look at some fashion tips to keep your look fresh and tweak your image.     Shoes Vans shoes are a firm favourite, this article has some tips on what to buy and where; Classic Vans a favourite weekend shoe To take a weekendContinue Reading

  Men’s fashion does change as does the hemline of specific items in a man’s wardrobe, shorts would be one of the obvious ones. Staying away from the “short shorts” polyester look of the 1980s would be a good start, let us take a look at some measurements that may workContinue Reading

  A public event that calls for a man to dress formal can be a bit nerve-wracking, probably only unparalleled with public speaking and taxes. If public speaking is involved, I’ll leave the jokes there.   Every man wants to put his best face forward and sometimes a bit ofContinue Reading