Shannon Purser definitely landed on her feet in her breakout role in Stranger Things as Barbara “Barb” Holland. I had the opportunity to sit in on her panel at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, last July. I found her to be a delight as she excitedly shared her experience in Stranger ThingsContinue Reading

  I met Jim Beaver a couple of years ago over dinner. I enjoyed his work on Supernatural and Justified. The subject came up about him looking after himself and someone asked him if he had taken his vitamins. Jim was pretty cool about it. He seems to take thingsContinue Reading

I got to bump into Jason Momoa at a Comic-Con event. I was with my husband and Jason chatted with us for 10 to 15 minutes. So, I thought I would get all fan girl and share what it was like to meet Jason Momoa. So for all the girlsContinue Reading

  My wife and I had the opportunity to have a delightful dinner with Aaron Ashmore. Aaron spoke of his fondness for the cast and crew of Warehouse 13 and was disappointed with the show being cancelled after 5 seasons and just 63 episodes. I was a bit surprised withContinue Reading