The well known advert directed by Guy Ritchie for Haig Club Whiskey oozes style. Guy Ritchie is renowned for his keen eye and David Beckham for his contemporary fashion style. The 2 icons collaborated for this advert which is beautiful to watch and a succes for the whiskey company. TheContinue Reading

  The Retro Hipster look likes soft vintage looks. Grooming is also well thought out, as reflected in the photo above. Day wear includes statement coats or jackets but with a soft tailored look about them. A slightly softer pallet includes creams, soft greys and warm colours that pop, suchContinue Reading

The Retro Outdoorsman is characterised by natural fabrics and colours. Natural fabrics include cottons and wool. Colours include blues, greens, tan and browns, soft greys and a pop of red or yellow. The daywear for the ad includes blue denim, a wool fisherman’s knit and a long oilskin coat. EitherContinue Reading

  The gentlemen that like the contemporary look are in line with David Beckham’s taste. He does dress appropriately for the social occasion at hand. Day wear includes clean lines and denim, which are on trend. Tees, leather and tan accessories complete this look. The man that likes the contemporaryContinue Reading

The Retro Classic man is all about the classics with a bit of a lean towards a bit of minimalism in the current fashion look. Lines are simple as are colours from classic black and white to muted colours such as mid greens, mid greys and creams. A neat andContinue Reading