There was a time when fishing was considered a job. Is it not the case today? It is. But there are many people on the river bank who are fishing not to earn their living but rather to enjoy the experience. And they do it occasionally. There can beContinue Reading

  Do the latest apps and gadgets really work? Yes they do. To get the most out of them it helps to know your needs. The old school way was a pen and diary or expensive medical equipment to take your heart rate. These new ideas are just a freshContinue Reading

To help keep you motivated exercise with a friend. Find somebody around the same standard as you are. After both of your medical checks have been done, meet somewhere nice to train. Select a predetermined time and keep on meeting at a good time for you both. I even wouldContinue Reading

Summer Training I have had the same brand of running singlet for 10 to 12 years. It is light and is made out of breathable material and isn’t made out of cotton. To allow the perspiration to leave your body. For running shorts you can spend a lot of moneyContinue Reading

If you are just starting out running or exercise do try to avoid extremes of temperatures. If you are at a place that goes below freezing 0 degrees, Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit in the winter consider joining a gym for the winter and use a treadmill. If this is notContinue Reading

The most important step before you start any form of exercise is to get medical clearance. Start gentle if you go to hard you could do yourself an injury. I also suggest don’t start running on a paved surface. Ovals and reserves are good. I would start running and walkingContinue Reading

The most important thing before you start a new exercise; consult a doctor and/or other medical professional. Ask he/she to give you full medical to see whether there are any problems that could be aspirated by you starting an exercise program. Get your feet and ankles checked out by podiatrist.Continue Reading