This year we are looking at the strong trend ‘Retro’. Partly I want to look beyond a red lip and pale skin makeup look, which I might add, has been done to death. Some of these looks are not accurate because some of the colours had a lot of orangeContinue Reading

  I had been chatting on my Twitter about appropriate makeup for corporate. The natural makeup look is perfect for corporate. I have worked in corporate and creative sectors and having a polished natural makeup look is part of my arsenal. Over the next few months we will cover differentContinue Reading

Eyebrows The eyebrow is making a comeback, stepping away from the thin shaped brow. The above video is a tutorial on doing the makeup look and filling in eyebrows. Be careful with pulling at the eye area when applying makeup. It can cause stretching and wrinkling of the skin overContinue Reading

Part of my job is keeping an eye on what is taught at makeup and beauty colleges. I came across this makeup done by a student at Paint. Paint has a makeup school at Goodwood in South Australia. This photo caught my eye because I had been thinking about aContinue Reading