Fashion with that fun whimsical look is coming back, and fishnet stockings are a much-loved accessory that is affordable too. Fishnet stockings were a look that used to be considered an “out there” London look is getting a breath of fresh air. Now, the modern twist has given fishnets aContinue Reading

Fashion is changing and with it all the details that make up a look. Short nails are in. For decades, longer nails dominated the scene, and now, well, we’re just over it. Short nails look more hip, something a bit different, they can even look amazing with nail art. ShortContinue Reading

  This concept that I am going to share is for the evening and red carpet events. The point to The Arts is a sense of drama and theatre. The Academy Awards is no different, it is not just an opportunity to dress up in fashion, but it is toContinue Reading

View this post on Instagram I had the most bomb question for ya girl Kim K, though @imranamed 🤷🏼‍♀️ A post shared by Margaret Zhang 章凝 (@margaret__zhang) on Jun 19, 2018 at 9:57pm PDT   Blazers, suits and that 1930s masculine trend is coming back. Do I think a blazerContinue Reading

  When I have some spare time I do like to have a look at Kate Waterhouse’s blog, it is alway’s an enjoyable read and excellent weekend reading. Kate is highly acclaimed as a stylist an journalist, with her eye sometimes picking up on an outstanding trend. The shirt dressContinue Reading


Filling a wardrobe can seem challenging, especially when looking at fashion, it is not meant to be dull but have an edge of creativity, statement and individualism about it. Whether something is in or out does not dictate what you want to wear. Hipster fashion began in Melbourne, you knowContinue Reading

  Flat shoes are an essential for a woman’s wardrobe for 2017/2018. The key to getting it right is how you wear them, to give the outfit a bit of a twist. This can be achieved by wearing sneakers or Converse/Vans style shoes with a dress or dressy flats thatContinue Reading

Prada Necklace from 2012 collection

    The Long white Shirt   Fashion can be general but mostly it is always about the detail. The long white shirt is a stunning piece that could go through the year whether paired with flats and cuffed denim for spring/summer or layered for autumn/winter. Details keep the shirtContinue Reading