I first heard of DJ Qualls, when my eldest goddaughter, Kimberley, had a teen love crush on him. The New Guy movie was newly released and seemed to be playing a lot in the family room with herself glued to the spot adoring DJ. Kimberley had always had aContinue Reading

      I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia and when I attended school most children were healthy, they were a healthy weight and their parents were not divorced. Now, children have illnesses that I have never heard of, their parents (or carers) use excessive amounts of cleaning productsContinue Reading

  Shannon Purser definitely landed on her feet in her breakout role in Stranger Things as Barbara “Barb” Holland. I had the opportunity to sit in on her panel at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, last July. I found her to be a delight as she excitedly shared her experience in Stranger ThingsContinue Reading

  On a balmy Adelaide evening, I was treated to a great night out at the Hilton for dinner with Tahmoh Penikett. With an impressive filmography list on IMDb his credits include Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural, he did not disappoint for a fun night out. Tahmoh grew up in YukonContinue Reading

    Rating 9/10   Based on Stephen King’s novel IT, the film is scary. If scary is not your thing don’t go, having said that IT is a well crafted film and thriller/horror buffs will not be disappointed. The stand out feature of Stephen King’s books is there isContinue Reading

  Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Split stars James McAvoy. M. Night Shyamalan has a mixed following, some people love his stuff while others don’t care for his style. His films have been a bit quiet lately and here we see a return with this psychological film aboutContinue Reading

    Split Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Split stars James McAvoy who is bringing scary to the screen in the horror/thriller. People either love Shyamalan’s work or they hate it, however before writing this film off if you enjoy twists and turns with scary having a psychologicalContinue Reading

  by Michelle O’Toole January 6th, 2017   I recently saw the film Hacksaw Ridge, which is still playing in some cinemas. As I was buying my ticket, I remember thinking to myself “Hmmm, a Mel Gibson-directed film, should be interesting.” Then I remembered The Passion of the Christ, whichContinue Reading

  MacGyver   Editor’s Pick: MacGyver is a reboot of the older series which starred Richard Dean Anderson. This new version looks promising, having retained a loyal fan base. Not forgetting references to MacGyver over the years on The Simpsons. This new MacGyver stars Lucas Till as young Angus “Mac”Continue Reading

  The Get Down is a feast for the eyes and ears as Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Aldy Guirgis have created a beautiful TV series that follows Baz’s work such as Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rogue!. New York in the 1970’s faced a lot of problems as did aContinue Reading