Keith Urban has knocked this album out of the park, with unbelievable success. The Speed Of Now; part 1, is his 11th studio album, it was released on September 18 and has gone to #1 place in Australia, the U.S. and Canada, simultaneously. The country singer recently said he didn’tContinue Reading

  The Rubens The Rubens are a five-piece indie styled band hailing from New South Wales, Australia. 3 brothers Zaac, Sam and Elliott Margin formed the band with fellow members, Scott Baldwin and William Zeglis as part of that group now. The Rubens debuted in 2011 with the single “LayContinue Reading

The Police Albums

  THE BAND POLICE Though they weren’t precisely punk rock, The Police definitely proved that the punk can be the future of rock/ pop music. The three members were significantly more talented than a new wave band or average punks.Stewart Copeland was famous for playing polyrhythm smoothly. Andy Summers was superbly skilled with hisContinue Reading

by Michelle O’Toole November 20,2016 Frank Sinatra made a move to New York City in the late 1930s, a time when the war was brewing in Europe but music was gaining ground amongst the middle class. Frank also became known as Ol’ Blue Eyes as his career became established inContinue Reading

  Jimmy Barnes is a rock legend in Australia. Born in Scotland, his family came to Australia as part of the immigration scheme of the time for people wanting a new life outside of the UK. The United Kingdom had suffered during WW2, with rationing continuing on into the 1950s.Continue Reading

To watch the New York Times video please click on the title.    The Academy Awards season is here. The Revenant has been nominated, including the prestigious award for best picture. The award for Best Picture is also coveted because it is a representation of what film has expressed forContinue Reading

The above video is from Coldplay’s official YouTube channel. Coldplay have been chosen as the lead act for Super Bowl 50. So, who are they? Coldplay are a rock band that hails from the U.K. Unofficially they are a band that formed in Uni. They formed in the late 90’sContinue Reading

  I met Jim Beaver a couple of years ago over dinner. I enjoyed his work on Supernatural and Justified. The subject came up about him looking after himself and someone asked him if he had taken his vitamins. Jim was pretty cool about it. He seems to take thingsContinue Reading

Simply Red are an English band who formed in the mid 1980’s but broke through in the very early ’90s. Simply Red played with different sounds combining a New Romantic feel with Jazz and Reggae influences. Percussion, using slap bass technique and brass are strong influences in their music. TheContinue Reading