Men are fast catching up to women in the fashion game and how to on YouTube, blogs and websites. Which is great news for men. Everybody wants to put their best face forward and these videos help achieve those goals. My advice would be to get about 3 looksContinue Reading

It’s that time of year, albeit if you live North of the equator or South of the equator, where the change of weather is upon us. For men it is time to do a little bit of TLC and check out what you need. For lips in winter a lipContinue Reading

If you are studying, style still matters. Plus you need to have some work and maybe some relevant work experience. This video has good basic tips to save you money. Where to spend your money if it is tight? Once you have a basic wardrobe outlined, shoes are a goContinue Reading

Men lead busy lives and need to have their shoes organised. Rotate your shoes, look after them and they will serve you well. Keep them looking good with maintenance, including waterproofing if they need it. Do not store shoes in plastic. Also don’t store them wet or dirty. Dress ShoesContinue Reading

A few basic accessories will add variety, style and keep outfits fresh. Some of our picks are; Look 1; tan accessories. Matching belt and boot. Choose a boot that is your style.   Look 2; dark accessories. Again, matching belt and boot. The colour we picked was dark blue orContinue Reading

This is a useful video by the website The Art of Manliness. It covers some basic needs and outfit ideas.   Looking After a Suit The styling on The Art of Manliness blog is classic and conservative but has some great tips. However, we don’t agree with splitting a suitContinue Reading

These are basics for a Man’s Wardrobe. With basics covered it is easier to look well presented and appropriately dressed. 1. A suit. A dark suit in dark navy or charcoal grey. Pick the right fabric first then make sure it fits correctly. 2. A heavy winter coat or classicContinue Reading