If you are just starting out running or exercise do try to avoid extremes of temperatures. If you are at a place that goes below freezing 0 degrees, Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit in the winter consider joining a gym for the winter and use a treadmill. If this is notContinue Reading

  When starting to play golf, there are a number of items of equipment you will need to enable you to play. If you decide to have some lessons with a local instructor, they might be able to provide you with some clubs to use initially. However, after the firstContinue Reading

Ever been inspired by these great people that just seem to have the best summer every single year? People that go on adventures – be it in an exotic country or a more urban experience – and have thousands of photos to show for the amazing memories? Well, why don’tContinue Reading

The most important step before you start any form of exercise is to get medical clearance. Start gentle if you go to hard you could do yourself an injury. I also suggest don’t start running on a paved surface. Ovals and reserves are good. I would start running and walkingContinue Reading

The most important thing before you start a new exercise; consult a doctor and/or other medical professional. Ask he/she to give you full medical to see whether there are any problems that could be aspirated by you starting an exercise program. Get your feet and ankles checked out by podiatrist.Continue Reading

When I started to take my running seriously an older man told me to look after my feet. The most expensive item that is bought are the shoes. Running isn’t cheap. But when you run quite a bit, blisters do happen. Look after your feet with the appropriate medical treatment.Continue Reading