I am not a woman. It is very important that women get a properly fitted sports bra, this helps prevents damage to the breast region. And avoids discomfort that may occur. It is very important that both sexes have very comfortable underwear to avoid chafing. You can’t wear any garmentContinue Reading

I have run for many years and I have naturally poor flexibility. I have started yoga and this has improved my flexibility. If you can’t afford regular yoga classes buy a few basic yoga DVD’s and practice at home all you need is a yoga mat, which are very cheap.Continue Reading

Over quite a number of years, I have had a number of minor injuries which I have to consult a medical practitioner. If an injury occurs the most important thing is to stop running and consult medical specialist. Injuries will happen, but the health benefits out way the injuries. OverContinue Reading

  If you are serious about improving your fitness, a Heart-rate Monitor could be as simple as keeping track of your exercise zones. Each zone improves different areas of fitness and competence. The moderate region of 70 to 80% improves your aerobic fitness. Currently, there are some excellent heart-rate monitorsContinue Reading

    Attending a professional golf tournament is unlike any other sporting event. It’s not a case of simply turning up, wearing whatever you like and blending in to the crowd. There is much more to it than that. The same can be said for spectator behaviour. Yes, there isContinue Reading

To help keep you motivated exercise with a friend. Find somebody around the same standard as you are. After both of your medical checks have been done, meet somewhere nice to train. Select a predetermined time and keep on meeting at a good time for you both. I even wouldContinue Reading

Summer Training I have had the same brand of running singlet for 10 to 12 years. It is light and is made out of breathable material and isn’t made out of cotton. To allow the perspiration to leave your body. For running shorts you can spend a lot of moneyContinue Reading

  Are you looking for a fitness challenge? Tone it Up have started a summer challenge. Which is great for those living in the Northern Hemisphere and preparing for a fun summer. It is an 8 week challenge and can be followed on line, so it is not location dependent.Continue Reading

    I have been running for many years and have tried just as many brands. I you have narrower feet and the best brands for you are Adidas. If you have normal width feet Asics, Brooks and Nike will be right for you. New Balance are for those withContinue Reading

    After you have warm up for about 5 minutes it is very important to stretch properly this may help prevent injuries. Make sure the stretch you preform are static stretches not ballistic stretches. Ballistic stretches are the stretches that you see some professional athletes perform where they stretchContinue Reading