Even though 2020 has thrown a lot of curveballs, pampering is essential to health, both mentally and physically. It can give you the strength to keep going, fill you up, and refresh, and it adds a bit of a barrier to that next curveball (we all have them). These areContinue Reading

    Colorado: Exploring the Centennial State by running its trails Colorado is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. The state offers locals and travellers a wealth of outdoor experiences from mountain hikes to cycling through lush pine forests to fishing in crystal clear lakes. In recent years, more people have beenContinue Reading

      Cycling can be enjoyed at any level of fitness, it can be fun for recreation or training for an amateur triathlon. Many cities now offer bike hire, whether it is free or a small hourly rate, cycling can become part of a fitness program. Equipment can beContinue Reading

As mentioned in the blog roundup for December, focusing on fitness is a great idea for the holiday season. Enjoy the season and your friends and family but don’t forget those fitness goals. Here are some tips to keep things on track.   Christmas Treats The holiday season shouldn’t justContinue Reading

This ties in with our theme to stay fit over the holidays and pamper yourself in December. Having a blog to read, that motivates you, will help to stay on track and meet your goals.   Dai Manuel lives in Vancouver, Canada. His testimony includes his struggle with fitness andContinue Reading

  Do the latest apps and gadgets really work? Yes they do. To get the most out of them it helps to know your needs. The old school way was a pen and diary or expensive medical equipment to take your heart rate. These new ideas are just a freshContinue Reading

  Once you have accomplished the skill of swimming, the next goal is to set a fitness plan. Decide what you want to achieve. Is it general fitness and socialising? Will you be participating in water sports? Or are you looking for something a bit more challenging? Let’s have aContinue Reading

  Swimming is a skill that is needed for a variety of sports and for safety concerns with water sports, including yachting. To start find a good instructor or class to help with your needs. The basic requirements to swimming are the ability to float, to be able to swimContinue Reading

Every month we are having a look at what you need to participate in a sport. This month it is swimming. 1 Sports Bag – To carry the kit 2 Pairs of Bathers – Accidents happen 2 Pairs of Goggles – Just in case of breakages 2 Towels – OneContinue Reading

  Not everyone is going to be a professional or amateur athlete. Not everyone aspires to be ripped. But you do need to be as healthy as you can be. This is the bit were I hate to tell you but you are going to get older. A lot ofContinue Reading