Drinking water daily is important for the health of your body and for great looking skin.   Tips to stay hydrated; make it a habit to drink water everyday have a glass of water when you get up drink water during the day have table water with a mealContinue Reading

    Gilbert Keith Chesterton was born 29 May in 1874, in England. Born into a middle-class family, his father enjoyed various hobbies and had a keen interest in English literature. As a teenager Chesterton’s primary interests were drawing and literature, including the writing of a personal journal, which heContinue Reading

Robert Redford has that style that he can almost wear anything and make it look good. From his cowboy style of the ’60s and his label Sundance, to a tuxedo and meeting a President. The hallmarks of vintage Redford were blue jeans, a tweed jacket over an oxford blue shirtContinue Reading

Part of my job is keeping an eye on what is taught at makeup and beauty colleges. I came across this makeup done by a student at Paint. Paint has a makeup school at Goodwood in South Australia. This photo caught my eye because I had been thinking about aContinue Reading