Not every break needs thousands spent to be fun. Take a day to explore Rundle Mall and experience a slower paced outing. Here are 15 ideas to work through from Rundle Mall to Rundle Street:     Unique Opal and Diamond manufacturers at 5 Rundle Mall have an opal mineContinue Reading

I have been traveling since I was 2. Not that when your 2 years old it is by choice. My parents decided to move to Ireland so off we went. They did it the long way via Capetown, France and London. Since that time I have continued to travel. IContinue Reading

Vintage at the moment can mean anything from long dresses to crochet jackets to vintage blouses. Take your pick. My idea is to do a style breakdown. Love it or hate it, it works to get some ideas. Stevie Nicks Stevie Nicks fashion statement was her hair. A bit likeContinue Reading

My personal opinion is denim is the quiet hero of fashion this year. Used as a strong base for your wardrobe, it sets off your focal pieces beautifully. First up some of the classics; denim jacket denim short jeans denim skirt Then add some newbies such as a denim dressContinue Reading

This jacket by Ralph Lauren is de bomb. Gorgeous. I can hear my credit card screaming now. Fringe and the ’70s look are intertwined. The denim and fringe do go hand in hand. But make it what you want. A fringe handbag would be fantastic for off duty and aContinue Reading

Incorporating fashion trends can be a bit of a challenge. How do you make it your own? We have you covered with some tips to keep the wardrobe fresh and add a bit of trend everyday. Corporate Either a dress in floral or just a handbag would be enough forContinue Reading

Women’s fashion for the coming year has some strong trends. I will share what the trends are but also how to make them your own. Having personal style is important, nobody wants to look like a fashion victim. My first tip before sharing the trends is to keep trendy itemsContinue Reading

The most important step before you start any form of exercise is to get medical clearance. Start gentle if you go to hard you could do yourself an injury. I also suggest don’t start running on a paved surface. Ovals and reserves are good. I would start running and walkingContinue Reading

The most important thing before you start a new exercise; consult a doctor and/or other medical professional. Ask he/she to give you full medical to see whether there are any problems that could be aspirated by you starting an exercise program. Get your feet and ankles checked out by podiatrist.Continue Reading

When I started to take my running seriously an older man told me to look after my feet. The most expensive item that is bought are the shoes. Running isn’t cheap. But when you run quite a bit, blisters do happen. Look after your feet with the appropriate medical treatment.Continue Reading