Nancy Drew Young Nancy Drew makes plans to leave her hometown for college after high school graduation but finds herself drawn into a supernatural murder mystery. The CW is adding Nancy Drew to its lineup for late September/early October 2019. Kennedy McMann stars as Nancy Drew, with Scott Wolf, willContinue Reading

      Star Trek Discovery Editor’s Pick; Star Trek Discovery season 2 is available today on Netflix and CBS. Created as a CBS original tv series, it has been fraught with conflict and disorganisation in season 1, which did translate to the show itself. At times I wondered whatContinue Reading

  Grace Randolph has delivered her honest review of The Predator film for 2018. If you would like to know what she thinks, her reviews are always a bit different to others, and she gleans the inside Hollywood information well. Overall, The Predator is generally an action movie, something toContinue Reading

  The gaming community big event of the year is happening in Los Angeles. All the new releases are announced and previewed. The good news is thanks to YouTube and using the internet you too can attend and take in all the action. YouTube has the upcoming timetable on theirContinue Reading

    What if Hilter won the second world war? What if Japan was successful in attacking the USA? What if the¬†swastika flew on American soil? The Man in the High Castle answers these questions and more. It starts with a film that shows the truth behind the second worldContinue Reading

      I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia and when I attended school most children were healthy, they were a healthy weight and their parents were not divorced. Now, children have illnesses that I have never heard of, their parents (or carers) use excessive amounts of cleaning productsContinue Reading

      Cycling can be enjoyed at any level of fitness, it can be fun for recreation or training for an amateur triathlon. Many cities now offer bike hire, whether it is free or a small hourly rate, cycling can become part of a fitness program. Equipment can beContinue Reading

  MacGyver   Editor’s Pick: MacGyver is a reboot of the older series which starred Richard Dean Anderson. This new version looks promising, having retained a loyal fan base. Not forgetting references to MacGyver over the years on The Simpsons. This new MacGyver stars Lucas Till as young Angus “Mac”Continue Reading

We are seeing a shift in programs for the small screen as Netflix, cable and apps fight it out to hit the top and not the bottom. These are our choices for August.     The Get Down   Editor’s Pick: What a treat this series is from the lightsContinue Reading

    The Witness Kitty Genovese was stabbed and murdered in New York in 1964. The New York Times had reported the crime and also included that¬† 38 witness’s had stood by and done nothing. The impact of this murder turned into an urban legend, even going so far asContinue Reading