Super Bowl LIII: Everything you need (and don’t) to know about the biggest sports event in the US America’s biggest annual sporting event is set for kick off. On Sunday, February 3rd, the National Football League’s showpiece game, Super Bowl LII (that’s 53 for those that don’t knowContinue Reading

    Colorado: Exploring the Centennial State by running its trails Colorado is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. The state offers locals and travellers a wealth of outdoor experiences from mountain hikes to cycling through lush pine forests to fishing in crystal clear lakes. In recent years, more people have beenContinue Reading

  The retro flip phone is making a comeback. Motorola is launching the flip phone as a smartphone, rumoured to be released early 2019, the phone will not be cheap, but given that it is a novelty for a new generation the expectation is that it will do well. TheContinue Reading

  World Series 2018: Boston Red Sox to win first World Series since 2013 The 2018 Major League Baseball season is in its final week of play. The postseason will begin on Tuesday, October 2nd with the Fall Classic beginning at the end of the month. The last week ofContinue Reading

  The Grand Canyon: America’s southwestern must-see The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing, breathtaking natural attractions in the world. Located in Arizona in the United States’ southwest region, the Grand Canyon was carved out by the Colorado. The entire area is 277 miles which gives visitors plentyContinue Reading

    You may think of Italy as a cliched holiday destination. Sure, 52.4 million tourists visited the peninsula in 2016, and during the Italian summer months, many of the must-see attractions are congested with travellers. Yet, Italy is a country like no other in the world. It combines art,Continue Reading

The Police Albums

  THE BAND POLICE Though they weren’t precisely punk rock, The Police definitely proved that the punk can be the future of rock/ pop music. The three members were significantly more talented than a new wave band or average punks.Stewart Copeland was famous for playing polyrhythm smoothly. Andy Summers was superbly skilled with hisContinue Reading

  Commonwealth Games: Australia shows its early superiority in 2018 event The Commonwealth Games are underway on the Gold Coast of Australia and the home nation has thus far proved its superiority in many of the competition’s events. The Aussies have claimed 57 medals after three days of the 2018Continue Reading

The above YouTube clip is a video of the public enjoying the pristine Gold Coast Commonwealth Games diving pool.   This is the gold medal view that awaits Domonic Bedggood and fellow divers if they have been selected to compete at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games this year. The Gold Coast AquaticContinue Reading