Knits – the perfect accessory for 2021

An accessory doesn’t have to be allocated to handbags and shoes. Sometimes a loved item that gets worn regularly such as a coat or a knit can fall into that category. Cardigans and knits are popping up everywhere on blogs, whether a longline cardigan or something with a pattern, they offer an extra layer, warmth, and fashion at the same time.

Knitwear is perfect for its versatility and pop of personality, and the other plus is they aren’t that difficult to style. Knits can go from work to a night out. Knits are a standout fashion item that people will notice. They can be a fashion brand or hand-knit, a beautiful addition to a wardrobe.

This trend has got bloggers excited including No Time For Style and In My Closet with their take on styling these items.

The ease that a knit can fit into an outfit makes it an easy choice. From flats to heels, ankle boots or winter boots, this addition is perfect for layering and good looks. A light cardigan can match flats with a dress or layered with a scarce and boots for winter. Versatility gives this fashion choice the thumbs up as an essential wardrobe piece.

For easy styling a cardigan doesn’t have to be overthought. Keep the colour selection of the outfit simple, alyering this look is easy and add other accessories as desired.

With lots of outfit ideas out there on the Internet, this look will be easy to put together.