The A – Z Of Things To Avoid That Age Your Skin

Aloe Vera. One of the crucial roles the skin has is to protect the body from the elements. The downside of exposure is the constant battle that the skin is exposed to the elements. Windburn and sunburn can happen to anyone. Having an after-sun treatment on hand with aloe vera helps to heal the skin. Aloe Vera keeps your skin plump and moisturised with its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial compounds (including vitamins). The benefits of this miracle plant do wonders that an essential moisturiser wouldn’t.

Pro-Tip; keep it simple, choose an after-sun treatment, a moisturiser or serum with aloe in it. Applying 100% aloe directly on the skin is drying, requiring a bit of moisture to support it.

Exercise. Not getting enough exercise , and we recommend low impact exercise, will age your skin fast. Exercise gets the blood flowing, removes toxins, helping the skin to glow.

Exfoliating. Most people have an exfoliating routine, and then, on top of that, they overly scrub their face with a towel after a shower or washing their face. Keep exfoliating simple and pat the face dry.

Pro-Tip; keep soft tissues and a stack of clean, soft hand towels available in the bathroom to dry the face.

Pillowcases. Changing a pillowcase regularly is vital for healthy, clear skin and should be changed every 2-3 days. Your face is lying on it every night, with your hair resting on it too. Hair holds the most dirt and grime, like a mop.

Pro-Tip; buy the pillowcases you use to sleep on in the same colour to make laundry day easier. Pillowcases are not expensive at about $5 to $7 for a pair from places like Ikea, Amazon, Walmart, and Big W (in Australia).

Potassium. Bananas and pineapple both contain potassium vital for hydration and plump skin.

Rest. Not getting enough sleep and rest is a big no-no. Enough sleep for health and good looks is no myth. The body heals and rejuvenates itself with good sleep. At least 7-8 hours a day is recommended, less than that is also a health risk.

Water. Not drinking enough water and knowing how much water is suitable by basing it on sweaty work versus a desk job each day is fundamental to aging skin. Drinking enough and getting enough potassium keeps the skin toned and plump.

Pro-Tip; use a fitness app to track water intake.

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