Fishnet Stockings

Fashion with that fun whimsical look is coming back, and fishnet stockings are a much-loved accessory that is affordable too.

Fishnet stockings were a look that used to be considered an “out there” London look is getting a breath of fresh air. Now, the modern twist has given fishnets a street style a distinct look. Inspiration from anime, ripped jeans, oversized sweaters, and cute Dr. Martens, they provide freedom to the wearer’s imagination.

This look will always divide those that hate or love fishnets, they aren’t a new accessory but it is cheap and versatile, that in itself a fashion fiends perfect match.

The fishnet can be versatile, from peaking out of ripped denim or a ladylike look. On very cold days, a bright or black pair of stockings could go under the fishnet for extra warmth, keeping an edgy, fashionable look. The ladylike look would work, too, even keeping the outfit to the basic black and white with black accessories. From edgy to anime, they are a fun and timeless look for modern street fashion.

3 keys to make this look work

1. Keep it simple.

2. Don’t have too much going on.

3. Don’t overuse colour. Choose a neutral, with a bit of colour and denim or another standout item like a blazer or a skirt.