Fashion is changing and with it all the details that make up a look. Short nails are in. For decades, longer nails dominated the scene, and now, well, we’re just over it. Short nails look more hip, something a bit different, they can even look amazing with nail art. Short nails are a celebrated look instead of long nails that look like things that are dangling off your hand, like you didn’t find the time to get a manicure. Another pro tip is you can match your pedicure to the manicure, just use the base colour while keeping the nail art a bit more minimalist on the toes. Overall, it’s just fashion, it moves on and keeps moving.

Decide on the look with the enamel choice, by keeping the nails short this stage is easier. A simple colour could match facial makeup with detailed rings or bracelets, short nails make the jewellery pop a bit more, giving the look an edgy on trend look.

Geometric in blues or a matte navy blue match denim beautifully, if denim will be the look for your wardrobe that week. Other classics would be red enamel matching red lipstick for a splash of red, which is a classic colour that matches denim well too.

From classic red, adding art, or shimmer to one nail on each hand, to a chrome French manicure, short nails look fresh and modern.

Images courtesy of various Instagram posts.