Levi’s X Peanut Clothing

The American clothing company, Levi’s has launched a new collaboration with the Peanuts Characters. The collaboration is available in men’s and women’s fashion, the partnership is hot at the moment. This is an interesting moment as fashion is turning from a cool, edgy look to fantasy as people get creative, wanting more joy in their daily life.

Levi’s released the range of clothing as a broad choice, making it a collaboration that takes the wearer through the seasons. T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies are part of the collection which also includes pants. At this point in time, due to the popularity of this release, whatever is available is what you can buy. There hasn’t been any indication from Levi’s that more will be added. The Peanuts Characters are a welcome change from a boring outfit of a plain sweater and jeans. Levi’s official website includes looks and styling ideas to help put a fun outfit together. If you can get some Peanuts items, this collaboration is a must for any fashion follower. Check your local stockist or online store and happy hunting.