The star enjoys dressing up and going out, and who wouldn’t as he cuts a dashing figure in his suits. His style is well-groomed and tidy with a penchant for watches that he collects, his blazers and suits are immaculate as well.

It is well known that Evans works out and also kept up a bodybuilding regime for playing Captain America, during his time filming the Marvel Universe films. What some may not know is that besides the MCU crowd staying in shape, they are also a bit of a watch collectors club. Robert Downey Jr. has shared his watches and tips about various fashion collections he has, and that is something he has in common with Chris Evans.

The influence of Robert Downey Jr. hasn’t just stopped at the common interests in watches and suits, it also expanded to cars, with the gift of a 1967 Chevy Camaro which he had restored. Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube interviewed Dave Salvaggio from SpeedKore Performance who had helped restore the vehicle. The car is Avengers-themed and a tribute to Evans’ superhero character Captain America, there is also a plaque which commemorates the car as a “Steve Rogers special edition.”

Overall if you want to collect watches, enjoy dressing up and going out plus have a keen eye for suits you might be on your way to some Chris Evans style. Simplicity is critical from fit to colours, solid colours like classic combinations of all black, black and white, white or blue are not only favourites in his wardrobe, they also make excellent statement pieces.

Breaking it down into footwear would be either suede or leather boots teamed with tidy jeans or chinos for the classic look. A step further would be a polo top in navy with a stylish cardigan would carry this look through the seasons. Classic contemporary elegance such as well fitted items makes this wardrobe shine.

Items to collect; watches.