Tom Hanks

Now in his mid-60s, Tom Hanks still has it. Graced with good looks and a style for elegance, he is the picture of health and aging gracefully. While Hanks is slim, he most certainly would have to work at it, he also keeps himself active and enjoys walking his dog, something he has discussed in many an interview. The added benefit is fresh air and sunshine are beneficial for the body and soul. While it is easy to get caught up in designer labels, suits, and accessories, glowing skin, a slim figure, and well-kept hair go a long way on the good looks scale.

To keep ones good looks, maintaining a slim figure is half the battle. Looking at his filmography, keeping himself busy as an actor would also help to fight the battle of the bulge. His personal style is classic and elegant as he has stuck to a simple palette during his time in the spotlight.

Tom Hanks in Australia

3 simple steps to style

  1. A simple palette. Perusing through photos of Tom Hanks or checking out his Instagram, you can see that he likes classic colours and keeps his choices simple. The added benefit is this makes putting an elegant traditional outfit together, whether attending a black-tie event or smart casual, wearing jeans and a jacket. Classic choices like black and white or shorts and a summer shirt in accessible neutrals are part of the retro Hollywood Glamour that stylists would be all too familiar with.
  2. A laid back style is also a part of this style signature. There is nothing flashy about shorts and a summer shirt or a black and white tuxedo, the outcome is a minimalistic elegance that shows off his glowing skin and good looks.
  3. Less is more. From accessories, such as scarves or a hat suitable for a walk on the beach, less is more conveys confidence to a style that is simple but elegant, regardless of the occasion.