The young royal couple presented their newborn baby wearing grey and white outfits. They are being described as a modern couple and are popular with the younger generation. And why not? There is something romantic about the gorgeous prince finding his princess, no matter what your leaning in life a modern romance captures peoples hearts.

Upon investigation into their tastes, I discovered this article by Metro UK, mentioning that the nursery is not in a traditional blue or pink but instead they have chosen greys and whites for a contemporary nursery whilst they were renovating their new home.



Prince William wore a relaxed cotton chambray blue shirt with brown casual pants/denim with matching shoes to the 2019 Chelsea Flower Show as his family enjoyed the garden that his wife had worked on and help design.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a whimsical long floral dress pairing her outfit with wedges in a nude colour. This is a fashion hack she has been using this year wearing nude colour shoes when not wearing dark stockings or wearing black shoes that match black stockings. Matching shoes to the leg tone gives a long look to the leg without breaking the line with a different colour for the pump.

The colours chosen by the royal family for their outdoor occasion reflected nature with blues, browns and florals.



Prince Harry wore the jumper, pictured above when he announced on their Instagram that the baby had been born. The palace had organised a camera crew for him as he stood in front of the stables in denim and jumper beaming with excitement.

A bit of planning does go into the young royal’s wardrobes, but that doesn’t mean they are spending millions of pounds each on clothing.

While this is all interesting information, what does it all mean?

Life and each season can mean planning a minimalist or a fuller wardrobe depending on any individuals tastes. But an event would help make that choice a bit simpler. Exercise would call for some active-wear and been outside would mean outerwear for outside, depending on the weather or a formal event such as a wedding requires something special that won’t clash with the wedding party.

Keep It Simple

Sit down once a month with a diary, so this would mean maybe an hour 11-12 times a year, which is doable. Look at what you have planned and organise your outfits accordingly.

Some simple questions would be:

  • Maybe something to sleep in
  • Casual Wear
  • Work
  • Errands
  • Any special events
  • Hanging with friends casual or semi-casual
  • An outfit to keep warm or cool in depending on the weather


These simple questions are what the royals live by to be dressed for the occasion they find themselves in.