Tom Felton


While the Harry Potter films are loved by many fans, Tom Felton has not stopped there. Recently he has appeared on a few successful TV shows, including the CW/Warner Bros show The Flash (which the YouTube clip is from).

Playing the character Julian Albert, he bought a quality to the show with his humour and talent. Not resting on his laurels becoming a favourite on the fan circuit for fan conventions and a documentary about those experiences has seen incredible growth in an exceptional actor.

His Style

Thomas Felton is an English actor who started his career at a young age, his personal style choice now has become “modern classic”, where he will enjoy a well fitted casual shirt with stripes or a pattern. Likewise, he will pick a bomber jacket to wear in the cold but it too will have a twist with a modern colour and a slight pattern.

He likes to wear black and white, either black jeans or white jeans with something a bit classic, like the trench coat.


Felton also likes the classics in accessories such as the classic surfer necklace or bracelet, a baseball cap or beanie. His preference for shoes goes in that direction, wearing the classic sneaker design in white.

He also enjoys sports and the outdoors, wearing outfits that suit that occasion appropriately, again with that modern classic twist. The sports and outdoors would also help to keep his figure and fitness up too.

Branching out into golf, music, and snow holidays, he is keeping himself busy with life and interests.

Acting Career

While he got his start on Harry Potter, as part of the villain set, he has set his sights on other accomplishments. He also attends fan conventions, which he seems to enjoy, and this keeps him connected with the fans as well.

I recently watched him on The Flash, and as that character progressed, I thought wow, this guy really can act. I won’t share any spoilers here but will add that it was a character with a lot of layers and he did a superb job of it. I also thought his appearing in that season was a huge bonus for The Flash and I enjoyed it immensely.


Fashion with Felton

Sticking to that modern classic style, here are some basics to consider;

  • Soft plain Tees
  • Classic styled footwear
  • Classic colours such as black and white
  • A bit of a modern twist in patterns and colour
  • Jeans and denim in light or dark
  • Jackets and shirts that coordinate
  • Classic accessories


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As well as keeping himself busy, finding time for fans and his work, Felton still enjoys the friends he has made along the way. Recently Emma Watson shared a photo taken of her by him recently on her Instagram while the friends chill together.