Keanu Reeves


Keanu Reeves is regarded as one of the original hipsters. His style does indeed fall into that category as modern but hipster vibe to his look, especially taking into account that a hipster is defined as a “person who does follow trends and fashion, especially if they are regarded outside of the mainstream”.

His Style

GQ ran an article in October 2017, with the title Keanu Reeves has been wearing the same outfit for 25 years. The article goes on to describe how the Canadian actor likes to wear a dark suit with brown shoes or boots. The variant is that he will switch it up a bit with a black Tee or shirt. For the recent premiere of John Wick 3, he kicked it up a notch in a stunning dark suit and shirt, while sticking with his brown shoes.

The preference seems to be dark denim or distressed denim, teamed with a Tee, a patterned shirt or even a hoodie teamed with a jacket.

Grooming follows some edgy hipster trends too, with his hair at neck length with a relaxed styling that allows movement. Facial hair is usually a beard which varies from a shadow to a fuller beard and rarely clean shaven.



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It is also well known that Keanu Reeves enjoys his motorcycles and wears appropriate attire on those occasions too, from the fitted biker jackets and denim to the boots as part of his gear.



Fan Favourite

Due to his relaxed approach to life, plus the thoughtful way he treats his fans, Reeves is a fan favourite. His filmography is also impressive from cult movies, such as The Matrix, which is a classic and still relevant in today’s tech society to Speed and Point Break, he is again proving to be as popular as ever.


His Lifestyle Tips

Due to the release of John Wick 3, Reeves is once again doing the interview circuit while the film has just had it’s New York premiere. Some interviewers have asked how he has maintained looking so good, as he is now in his mid-50s. Sharing that some of the life tips he lives by is making sure to relax a bit in between films and projects. Enjoy life and doing things that don’t crush the soul are essential for that as well, he also adds that doings things that are enjoyable are not only a bit of fun but also a bit rejuvenating.

He also points out that the basics such as diet and exercise, sleep and fresh air are also crucial for maintaining well-being.


Keeping your cool, like Keanu

Besides diet and lifestyle tips, Keanu’s style could be summed up as edgy and hipster. Some essential looks to add to his biker style would be;

  • Basic Tees
  • Dark or distressed denim
  • A variety of jackets
  • Hoodies or sweaters
  • Boots and brown shoes
  • Hipster styled hair and grooming


John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is due out the end of next week.