It’s All In The Detail


This week we shared our choice of evening wear trend for 2019 for women, and it is no different for men. They too want to look their best and be up to date in the fashion stakes.

Again, I pay close attention to fabrics and what is currently worn for formal attire events. It is looking a bit meh at the moment, but it doesn’t need too. Instead of just a black and white ensemble with a bow tie, the fabrics available now are in the thousands, which leads to the next point, that means options for dressing up are in the thousands not a simple handful of looks.

Overall Look

Pants and a jacket are the basis of the look for 2019, and then we branch out into the details. The orange Italian velvet jacket pictured above is stunning. The fabric is sumptuous while the colour finishes off the look with a gorgeous shimmer. Adding pants would give the option for plain black, pants with a black satin or velvet piping down the side or the third option of an orange velvet piping detail down the side of the pant to match the orange velvet jacket would give a slightly modern twist, giving it a “military’ style look.

The overall look is made complete with black shoes to match the black pants to elongate or lengthen the leg, jewellery plus close attention to grooming. Grooming is of importance due to the fact that most red carpet or formal events do often involve having photos taken, without pointing out the obvious that most people take selfies or group photos and share it on social media.


The Jacket



Yesterday, I spent some time with Ross of Knightsman Bespoke Tailors. We discussed fabrics, details, cut and jewellery for men. I will be catching up again with Ross as we delve into the luxurious side of men’s fashion.

Ross pointed out to me that leaving the bottom button undone in the sleeve points to quality and fine tailoring, as in ready to wear suits a lot of the button details aren’t real, they are just there for show.

Secondly, the sheen or finish of the fabric is another fine detail every item of luxury wants to stand out, and these colours and materials do just that. The detail through tailoring to fit the individual is breathtaking ticking all the boxes of high-end luxury for men. At least one would be a must have for a man to invest in and enjoy in his wardrobe.



The two basic options for jewellery would be placing them on the top half, such as a tie clip or a pocket square (handkerchief) tucked into the jacket’s breast pocket. The pocket square is one of the easiest ways to accessorise the outfit. Your tailor could help with fabrics and ties for the pocket square plus help with maybe using a couple of them for a different look. Coordinating a tie clip, pocket square and adding a men’s lapel pin is one option but I need to point out if you add a lapel pin it will leave a hole in the jacket, so only go with that if you will always use one or a little hole would end up being a permanent fixture.

Option 2 would bring attention to the hands, which could be a good thing if hands are your good feature. This would be achieved with cuff links, a watch (which are trending again for men) and rings. These can all be pulled off in a formal look and using the 3 rule gives a polished finish to this formal outfit.



If the pants are black then keeping shoes in black is the easiest styling tip because it gives the legs a nice long, lean line. Nicely polished in a beautiful soft leather is a safe choice for footwear. Try them with the outfit and don’t leave it to chance, that way you will know that those shoes are right for you and your look.


We would like to thank Knightsman Bespoke Tailors at Adelaide Central Plaza, the David Jones building, in the basement. They have shared a wealth of knowledge with us.