Come Out Drippin’


This concept that I am going to share is for the evening and red carpet events. The point to The Arts is a sense of drama and theatre. The Academy Awards is no different, it is not just an opportunity to dress up in fashion, but it is to set the tone of the industry by capturing that dramatic theatre air about it.

I have put a lot of thought into this look, trying to come up with something fresh.


Hair Colour

Strong hair colour is a definite trend, so why fight it. What if the whole outfit matched the hair colour?

For example, if the hair is red or blue or even raven black, then that would be the colour of the clothing. But it doesn’t stop there. Makeup, nails, shoes, everything would be black or red, depending on the colour of the hair.

Instead of having a pile of hair a particular colour and then the outfit a particular colour it would be a steamed look. Hair, outfit, makeup, nails and shoes would all be in that colour.


Adding Drama

The visual interest would come together with texture, and this could be shimmer, sequins, velvet or fluffy accessories. The coordination would be because the colour is only one colour that would pull the outfit together.



The above image is by the blog A Keene Sense of Style. Note the highlights in her hair match her makeup and top. To pull off the look I am referring too, more highlights would be needed, and the pants/bottom would need to match the top.



The manicure and pedicure would be the same colour, but adding a pedicure could be optional. The manicure could be all glitter, matte or shimmery or a combination of matte nail polish with one nail on each hand in a shimmer/glitter enamel.



Nails could be as dramatic or as simple as you would like, this example is in the colour red.



Makeup could be the deal breaker either the lips or eyes would be accentuated, not both. Care would need to be take depending on the colour chosen. For example, a red lipstick to match the red outfit, or a black lipstick to match a black outfit would be vampy. Or a smoky black shimmer eye makeup to match a black outfit. A bit of blue on the eyes would match a blue outfit.



Different materials, sequins, shimmer or sheer/lacey material, would also add visual drama and glamour.


The Drama

The drama would come about through the use of different textures in materials and adding jewellery. You could even add false eyelashes with tiny diamantes or a few makeup sequins near the eyes if needed.

Jewellery would be as excessive or as minimal as would suit the styling.

The ultimate look is one colour that matches the hair, drama added through texture, accessories and jewellery.



The amount of jewellery would depend on the client, the look that is trying to be achieved or the sense of drama required.


The Rules

  • One colour that matches the hair
  • Visual interest through the use of different types of material in the outfit
  • Makeup and nails match the one colour theme
  • Jewellery is also used to add visual interest