Star Trek Discovery

Editor’s Pick; Star Trek Discovery season 2 is available today on Netflix and CBS. Created as a CBS original tv series, it has been fraught with conflict and disorganisation in season 1, which did translate to the show itself. At times I wondered what I was watching, didn’t particularly like some of the characters, which they were presuming the fans would give a hoot about. I gave up on watching it, and I’m a lifelong fan of Star Trek.

Season 2 is going to shake a lot of that out and hopefully be worth watching, and Vulture did an excellent in-depth article on the dramas behind the camera which can be read here. The show has a new showrunner who has worked closely with JJ Abrams. More changes have been made, but the introduction of the character Captain Christopher Pike looks promising.





Supernatural is back this weekend after it’s Christmas break and mid-season finale. Season 14 is looking good as it celebrates a milestone 300 episodes this year. It continues to break records as it has managed to go from a small TV show to international streaming on various platforms.

Fans are excited as Jensen Ackles has shined this season in the portrayal of a new character. A good mix of old and new characters has made this season enjoyable for fans.





National Geographic

Inside Terminal 4: Terminal of Tomorrow is a new documentary by National Geographic showing the future of airports and aviation, today.

Singapore airport is a busy one, and this documentary is a behind scenes look at the development of Terminal 4 and the beautiful result. Worth watching for the aviation and travel enthusiast.




Downton Abbey

This TV series is a well done period drama that follows the lives of the British aristocratic Crawley family and their servants. The show covers historical events such as WW1, the sinking of the Titanic as well as the Great Depression and the ever-changing economy of Great Britain in the early 20th Century.

It is available on Amazon Prime for purchase as a season pass to download or stream. There is 6 seasons worth of binge-watching this weekend. There is also a film in production at the moment for future release.





Solo: A Star Wars Story

Though the Solo story had a bit of a bumpy beginning, fans are coming back and giving it another look. While the original cast are either older or deceased, the younger Solo provides a good insight into the formation of the lovable character he became with all quirkiness. The struggles he faced as a young man and relationships that were formed early on in his life is heartwarming as Solo comes of age.

Available on Netflix and other platforms this weekend. Check your local apps for availability.