Motorola RAZR Flip Phone


The retro flip phone is making a comeback. Motorola is launching the flip phone as a smartphone, rumoured to be released early 2019, the phone will not be cheap, but given that it is a novelty for a new generation the expectation is that it will do well.

The forecast for this updated RAZR smartphone to be successful is realistic. Tablets are doing well in the technology market due to the success of streaming video for entertainment through media giants like Netflix and digital download while offering a vast data storage, the flip phone would compliment the needs of a savvy generation that want to have entertainment, work or schooling needs, communication and other app needs in a handy smartphone.

They are expected to sell for about $US1500.00 bit of a price, but they have an appeal with the snappy feature when the close and not too big to carry around while offering the smartphone needs.



While the YouTube video gives us an idea of what it looks like, it will be interesting to see the final product. Due out early 2019 this old retro comeback will be welcomed back by fans. Let’s see if the pickers can find any old ones floating around in society.