World Series 2018


World Series 2018: Boston Red Sox to win first World Series since 2013

The 2018 Major League Baseball season is in its final week of play. The postseason will begin on Tuesday, October 2nd with the Fall Classic beginning at the end of the month. The last week of the season sees the American League playoffs all set with five teams qualified for the postseason. Meanwhile, the National League isn’t quite so cut and dry with just one team, the Atlanta Braves, having qualified for the playoffs.

American League Playoffs

The Boston Red Sox have posted the best record in baseball with 106 wins with five games still to play. Boston will be joined by AL East rivals the New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians, and Oakland A’s in the postseason.

Oakland will meet New York in the AL Wildcard game. The one-off game will see which team makes the AL Division Series against the Red Sox. While Oakland has once again been praised for its great baseball and out of the box thinking when it comes to assembling a team, the fact is, the playoffs are a different animal. Moneyball may have been a top-selling book and blockbuster film, but the fact is, it didn’t help Oakland win the World Series and until the team spends wads of cash, it won’t.


Boston has been the best team in the AL all season. Even though Cleveland has been strong once more and the Astros won last year’s World Series, Boston has been a juggernaut. The Red Sox have had great hitting and pitching, and completely dominated MLB’s toughest division.

The Astros will reach 100 wins, but no team has repeated as World Series winners since the Yankees did it in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It seems an almost impossible feat especially taking into consideration the abysmal play from three of the five teams in the AL West that helped Houston cushion its record.


National League Playoffs

The NL has provided excitement to baseball fans going into the playoffs. While the junior circuit is done and dusted, five NL teams are still alive in the race for the postseason. The Braves wrapped up the NL East thanks to the Philadelphia Phillies not quite having enough quality to top the division. The Washington Nationals once again showed they are one MLB’s most overrated teams and will be lucky to finish over .500. Let’s not even speak about the New York Mets. So much was promised and so little was delivered.

The Chicago Cubs lead the NL Central but could still be overtaken by either the Milwaukee Brewers or St. Louis Cardinals. The Colorado Rockies could still make the postseason by winning the NL West or making it as a wildcard. A lot can still happen. St. Louis and Milwaukee are currently engaged in a series and the results of their games will directly affect the playoffs.

NL West leaders the Los Angeles Dodgers have somehow overcome numerous obstacles this season. After going 11-14 in April, the Dodgers haven’t had a losing month of baseball. They are the reigning NL champions and look the best of the teams fighting for the postseason. The Dodgers’ experience last year, and eventual loss to the Astros in seven games, will see the team return to the Fall Classic.



Boston Red Sox to beat Los Angeles Dodgers

This season marks the 30th anniversary of the Dodgers’ last World Series win. Despite fate seemingly on their side, it won’t be in the end. Not only are Boston too strong this season, giving up fewer than four runs a game, but history isn’t truly on the Dodgers’ side.

MLB World Series winners have been known for being dominant for much – if not all – of the regular season. The Dodgers’ April record of 11-14 was abysmal, and if they won the World Series, they would be the first team in 16 years to win it after posting a losing record during the month.

Meanwhile, Boston has gone from strength to strength this season. April saw the team post a 19-6 record. Subsequent months have seen 13 or more wins by the Red Sox. Boston played 20 games against NL teams during the regular season posting 16 wins. Those 20 games did come against the weak NL East, but the Red Sox still picked up victories and scored 106 runs while giving up 77. Boston will win the World Series and put more hurt into the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans in the process.


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