What to wear to a Fan Convention


The popularity of fan conventions is growing but what to wear? Part of the answer is what do you want to wear? These events are casual or smart casual events which include fans dressing up as a character or cosplay if they like.

Overall it isn’t a formal or tie and shirt event. From zombies to just been comfortable the rules are more casual, but fun outfits rather than conservative wear. Jeans or shorts would be acceptable with a colourful shoe if you like or even boots, give the formal office style shoes a miss here.

If your not wanting to go as a character a comic style Tee would look great with jeans and boots or comfortable, colourful sneakers.




From Cousin It to Storm Troopers or even Spider-Man the costumes that fans prefer does come down to personal choice and expertise. I have seen fans who have some skill with SPFX makeup go as detailed zombies. I also now that some in mainstream media like to sensationalise the good, the bad, and the ugly of costumes, but the reality is it is an experience for fans to enjoy the day.

We have interviewed some fans that take cosplay very seriously and others who dress as they want but enjoy the costume competitions and efforts of other fans.  It is a bit of anything goes, but keeping in mind these are family events so as not to be disappointed if a  stripper costume would probably not be acceptable.



The easiest outfit and it could be a bit of a tradition is a statement comic T-shirt with jeans or shorts. It helps to get in the spirit of things and is a good memento of the whole con experience.

These fan conventions basically are a whole weekend experience, following the schedule that the host puts on for the event, and most fans love them.

Wear a bit of colour, have an open, and fun attitude and most of all enjoy the event.