Casual wear, smart casual or street wear are different looks men enjoy. Sticking to your style and like are essential, but it is always a bit of fun to borrow ideas from others, to kick back and try something new.




What do the boys wear while relaxing and playing PS4? Why Chanel, of course.

This shot was put together by @gullyguyleo letting his humour along with his style shine through.


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Never too old for Disney 🐭

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This look is basically red, white, and blue with black as a neutral. To recreate this look;

  • Black jeans or well fitted (tightish not sloppy) sweatpants
  • Use red as an accent colour for accessories, Leo used shoelaces, scarf, beanie, and glasses in red
  • Either black or white sneakers would work
  • A blue top or Tee with a cartoon/DC character




@blondey is a professional skateboarder and model, who also loves art.

Here he uses a pop of yellow in his cardigan.

Blondey is clean shave with neat but tossed blonde hair. He likes gold jewellery and uses a gold earring.

This look would work with blue jeans, black or white jeans. Making the cardigan the part of the outfit that stands out but keeping the rest of the outfit simple.

Below is another example of this easy look, which is Paul Ramos wearing H&M and American Eagle.



A pop of colour is a thing this season. These are fun looks which can be mixed in with black and white, or denim for these street looks.

Continuing this theme is a pop of red, making black and red a thing with a sandy/tan jacket on top. Shoes and jeans are black for this look.


Oliver Cheshire is another fashion model sharing his looks on Instagram.

This look below is for Marks and Spencer, and it’s a nice clean look using denim and a crisp white shirt, with a stylish watch as an accessory.

He is also clean-shaven with dark blonde retro style haircut. The newspaper is a playful touch of retro that he carries under his arm.



While the above look would work for a casual day in the office, Oliver doesn’t stop there. His taste is classic retro, and he shared this look below for an evening out on the town of Corfu. The look is black, no socks, with a relaxed shirt in black and sand.


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Exploring the old town of Corfu ❤️

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