Even though it has been a little while now since the royal wedding took place, Meghan Markle’s influence on the fashion world is by no means waning. As in the DC comics when we wonder about the superhero was “who was that masked man?” I have that thing with make-up, in this case, “who was that make-up artist?”

Daniel Martin is the amazing man behind that unique look for a bride on her special day, who got married with the whole world watching.

Recently Martin opened up in an interview with the professional makeup artist’s journal, Make-up Artist Magazine. While a lot of magazines have churned out articles on what exact products were used (pfft), the man is an artist. He is a representative for Dior, so it is probable that he did use some of those products. The look he was going for is described as “timeless, chic and a natural look” one of the keys to achieving that was by accentuating one feature, in this case, the eyes.


                         A selection of makeup from Daniel Martin’s kit


Overall, the skin was kept sheer and fresh, avoiding a heavy foundation as a base and the lips coloured with a soft lipstick to accentuate her lips with making them a bold statement.

The eyes as the focal point had a lot of detail, from a bit of primer and concealer to make a smooth, flawless base for the eye makeup. The eyes received a lot of attention by ensuring the brows were well groomed, and the eyes prepped. The finishing touches came with neutral eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner and black mascara.



Daniel Martin, the artist, worked with the now Duchess, on the TV show Suits.

As well as the article covering his involvement in the royal wedding, his work and tips are also available in 2 other issues of Make-up Artist Magazine in Issue 119 and Issue 121.


Images are courtesy of Daniel Martin’s Instagram