The Movie

Clif Kosterman is the bodyguard to Jensen and Jared, he tweets about his life and adventures over on @bodyguard4jandj

Clif and his brother Mitch Kosterman filmed the Supernatural Fandom documentary over a period of 3 years. The brothers have formed the film company Two Sharks Media and worked with Jason Fischer ffomFrostbite Pictures. The film includes interviews with Executive Producer Jim Michaels, actors who have worked on Supernatural and Director Guy Bee.

It is a look at the reality of Supernatural and the love the fans have for the show. It is an insider journey into fandom and is for fans who like to go to fan conventions or those who would just want to watch to see what goes on.

It is a snapshot of fandom that gives us an honest look at the love the fans and those that work on the show have for the fandom experience.

The Fan Experience

Beautifully presented as a film and a tv series, it gives us a choice of how we would like to watch it. I previewed the episode 1 of the series and paid a grand total of AUD$2.70 (I know I am a big spender). I enjoyed it, I do go to fan conventions, and I did recognise some familiar faces.

The audio is excellent, as is their direction and cinematography, so I don’t have a problem recommending it. I enjoyed it because I enjoy the show and I like to see how others enjoy it, the excitement they feel to go to a con as well as the interviews with the crew and cast. The film and tv series is over 5 hours of viewing time, well worth it.


Clif Kosterman


Clif and Mitch have taken a lot on putting this film together. This isn’t the first time I know of someone putting a lot on the line when Matthew Crouch produced The Omega Code he financed the family home and risked that to make that film. The final product of Supernatural Fandom the Movie is excellent, I would give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.


How To Buy

Head over to their website at where they have the choice of buying digital of DVD format. Prices are in US dollars. Having watched episode 1, I’ve decided to buy the digital combo pack of film and tv series, to download on my tablet, then I will have it to watch when I like.

Either way, if you like fandom and documentaries, I hope you too enjoy Supernatural Fandom the Movie.