4 Steps To Dress For The Tennis

Major sporting events, such as the US Open, should be fun for the audience and those attending the game without being overwhelmed with what to wear to these events.



1. A T-shirt

If the weather is warm, most people want to be comfortable, and a T-shirt is usually a popular choice. Some people like the plain Tees that are about at the moment in men’s fashion. But the overall look is essential, if you want your look to be a bit more interesting a design or words would be a good choice.


2. Get Ripped

Either way shorts or jeans are fine and if you like a little bit more flair then wearing ripped denim or shorts is fine.



3. Grooming

Grooming is a big thing in men’s fashion at the moment, from clean shaven to beards, the emphasis is on trimmed and true to yourself, not so much an unkempt look. The hairstyle should look like you care, and yes men do colour their hair, look after themselves and use product. The overall look is well groomed whatever your style.


4. No Socks

The no sock look or low socks that are not noticeable are still in. Pairing that with casual footwear is still trendy, and there are plenty of low socks available for men now, that feels a bit more comfortable with something on their feet. This does look acceptable even if the man is wearing a one colour outfit like black, having a peak of skin between the end of the dark denim and the dark shoe looks fashionable.



Overall these are some basic tips whether you are a shirt and trouser-type of a guy or a more hipster edgier fashion dude, these are easy tips to help your look come together and be ready for some fun.