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The Rubens

The Rubens are a five-piece indie styled band hailing from New South Wales, Australia. 3 brothers Zaac, Sam and Elliott Margin formed the band with fellow members, Scott Baldwin and William Zeglis as part of that group now. The Rubens debuted in 2011 with the single “Lay It Down”, it proved to be a popular hit.

They are currently with the label Ivy League Records.

On their work ethic and touring they like to keep busy. Sydney Morning Herald quoted them in 2012;

”We learnt how to be a real band and play a big show and get away with it.”


Moving Forward

Indie bands are growing in popularity due to the factor of their ability to control their own career. This ability to produce and distribute their own music as opposed to the mainstream which tends to control creativity due to the genres they tend to stick to. Mainstream is also using “insight” for marketing that can only analyse the past but not honestly look at upcoming trends. This is a real problem with the expansion of technology and the end of the industrial age.



The Rubens are linking themselves with some upcoming, exciting new talent and also making use of grass root relationships in their lives who support the recording and music production process.


A recent collaboration is with Sarah Aarons who is getting some serious airtime on popular airwaves in Australia, including the groundbreaking Triple J brand of the ABC. Music and the Australian Broadcast Corporation are closely related in Australian music history and a massive supporter of international acts such as AC/DC and Molly Meldrum during their breakout years.


Sarah Aarons, Photo by Peter Hill


YouTube hosts the band’s official channel, and their website has a lot of little treats on it, including merch for the group plus some vinyl. The Rubens are also doing a little whirlwind tour of Australia for July, but hopefully, they will do a few tours overseas. The can be followed on their website which includes a page for Events. The band’s website includes all their social media links that can keep their fans connected and help feel a part of the action.