E3 Live on YouTube


The gaming community big event of the year is happening in Los Angeles. All the new releases are announced and previewed. The good news is thanks to YouTube and using the internet you too can attend and take in all the action.

YouTube has the upcoming timetable on their gaming channel.


I have included a clip of YouTube to see what to expect this week, also noticing that YouTube has taken this event to the next level in presentation and streaming for the viewer.



If you have the time to kick back and watch this event, it won’t disappoint. At E3 we get to see the companies excited about their projects, what updates are coming, a scattering of little morsels of gaming goodness and some interesting interviews.

E3 also has live gaming rooms which hopefully we will get to see, always a bit of live excitement.


What We Know

What we know so far is the release date of Fifa 19 for 2018. September 28 will see the release of Fifa 19, it will include the Champions League mode.

Bethesda will let us know more about Fallout 76, they have teased this out a little bit, but the details have been hush-hush.

Assassins Creed; took a sabbatical last year but will be back with the Odyssey. Based in Ancient Greece, Odyssey, is the continuation of giving gamers a new ancient world with each release.

Xbox releases are looking good.




What to Expect

Nintendo and PlayStation have gaming announcements coming up with a preview of Spiderman by PlayStation yet to be seen.

E3 attracts 10s of thousands of attendees to the conference in Los Angeles, California. The online event is in the millions, with streaming having the dominating numbers. In 2015, Twitch had 21 million viewers of E3. It is no surprise as the event is getting better and includes products that will be released for the coming year.

This is the gaming communities big event of the year. We see gamers attending in their expensive cars, glamour and all round fun as they let their hair down and we know who is who, because if they are not there….well.

We expect this event to be the best on offer as it enters its 23rd year.