I am going to split hairs in this article, so try to stay with me.

The Star Wars fandom is split over the new Solo film, from “Uh, Han Solo wouldn’t do that!” to people peddling their political agenda, and as a Star Wars fan, I find that offensive, get your hands off of my entertainment and love affair with Star Wars.

In the beginning, there was New Hope, now it is out of the timeline of the films and story, but it was the first film in what is now a multi-billion universe with spinoffs including the anime TV series. (Which if you haven’t watched might fill in some of the blanks and questions that some fans have)

Speaking of questions feel free to pop over to this article that explains one of those unique answers on Express.


Problem 1

But Han Solo wouldn’t do that…

Well, actually he might. When we first meet Han in the 1977 film A New Hope, Solo is anything but a hero. Han is in it for the money, he is in it for himself, and he is in trouble. He owes people money and lots of it, which is touched on in the updated digital version but was not in the original film. Let’s take a look at the original clip below;



Han is a bounty hunter, not Mother Teresa, he is in it for himself, a playboy. Which might help explain the film Solo a little better if the audience enters the cinema not knowing what the film will be about. This is not the fan’s imagination of what they think Solo should or shouldn’t be, it was put together by writers that base the story on characters based on  George Lucas’s creation.

Now, this might come as a shock, but George Lucas did take an interest in the Solo movie, he knows the director Ron Howard, and he even rewrote one of the scenes. Who knew! I know, shocking right! Of course, feel free to click on all the links and check out my crazy theories, bearing in mind that Howard and Lucas do hang out and around Hollywood, where they have both worked for some time.

Let’s keep this flowing while the crazy theories are still fresh in my mind. The Star Wars franchise is a billion-dollar enterprise and was created by George Lucas. Now, do we really think that Howard and Lucas plotted together to rip the fans off and make the most ridiculous movie ever? Or was it their plan to stay true to Lucas’s vision for the franchise? Hmm, de plot it thickens.


Problem 2

Now I have been watching a few films, TV, and even Netflix lately. And I have seen a shift in writing, some I’m not sure about, some I think is lacking experience (even with good ideas), and some is okay. I am finding the writing and content are going in a slightly different direction, though it is historically accurate.

For me, as a writer, this is challenging because I am viewing other people’s work and trying to understand their ideas and stories (which I am trained to do thanks to various University courses and studies in both film and writing). I am either 2nd or 3rd generation into media/writing with my uncle, Peter Lawson, an editor on the age in Melbourne and both my mother and paternal grandmother having a love of poetry and literature.

With my background/profession and seeing this change in writing, I recently heard a throwaway line in Deadpool 2 (don’t judge me) along the lines of “Hmm, is this storyline intentional or just lazy writing?” Good point, is it lazy writing or/and is it intentional? The answer is a bit of both, and I will get back to you on that debate, at some time.

In the meantime when the creator gets into a new Star Wars film with his friend, Ron Howard, involved, I think ” Heck yes! Take me on a ride and let’s see where this will go.”



In the meantime as a fan, who has been a fan since the age of 8 years old, I appreciate the film. The amount of work and talent that goes into making such an amazing movie while also, managing a worldwide release on pretty much the same day, is huge. I am loving these stories they are bringing to life.

Like everyone else, I will be keeping a close eye on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Box Office Mojo, to see what happens.

But as the Irish used to say, “A watched pot never boils”. (Back when people were boiling teapots on the stove for hot water and none of this fancy electric stuff.)

A big thank you to Disney, Lucasfilm and Ron Howard for pouring their hearts and soul into these projects.