Putting An Outfit Together



There is no doubt that David Beckham is still a fashion icon for men. Well, that is great for him but what about men that want an edgier fashion look? You have come to the right place. Once or month and sometimes twice a month we will break down a look for men to give you some essential styling skills and help you look fab from casual to formal.

Today’s look is casual. It is the easiest to pull off, but it is that look that you need to go shopping, running errands or catching up with your mates/significant other.

Before we start, rule number 1! Unless you are going for an all-black look stay away from black or dark grey T-shirts, they are so yesterday. An exception to that rule would be a graphic T-shirt with some kind of logo or marvel type theme to it.



The first look. (Also please note that the Instagrammer has got links to these items if you would like to buy or compare)

Colours are sticking to the two basic styling colour rule. The colours are denim and either a light grey or white would work. Even the frames on the sunglasses are a light grey/silver and the watch is a tan coloured band. So think a blue denim look with a light (not bright) colour.




The outfit is based on the jeans and the hat, jacket and bag match. Again, it is a denim blue colour theme.

The only three items of clothing are a pair of jeans, a long-sleeved top or a Tee in a light colour and a jacket. The light colour T-shirt or top is non-negotiable as it ties in with the shoes and sunglasses and it is basically the item of clothing that makes the outfit look professionally styled. In summary;

  1. A pair of mid blue denim jeans
  2.  A jacket that matches the blue jeans
  3. A light coloured top in either white or light grey


The Bag


The bag is genius because it matches the blue being used and it looks like it is just meant to be there. But it is an essential element, it carries a paper (or some other contemporary print, making the man look educated) plus it has the headphones and could carry the mobile phone too, or other trendy accessories and all about the modern man. The other plus is it gives the man a place to put his hat and anything else he made need for the day or if he is running errands, thus looking very organised and on top of things.


The Shoes

The shoes are a casual sneaker style, the ones in the photo are Nike, in a colour that matches the light grey top with a blue stripe. If the top is white, the sneakers would need to match and be white also. It’s all about matching.



The hat, watch, bag, and sunglasses are the accessories that pull the look together taking it up a level from boring jeans and a Tee to a designer styled look. At a quick glance;

  1. A hat, preferably the baseball type cap because it is casual
  2. The bag, which we discussed above for more detail
  3. The watch, in tan a light colour not black
  4. Sunglasses, a classic shape with light coloured frames


If you are new to this don’t get flustered, this look is only two colours, denim and a light colour. The rest is just a little bit more detail. Sticking to the two colours looks professionally done not haphazard.


Suitable For

This look is casual.

This look is suitable for catching up with mates/significant other, casual day, shopping or errands.