The Shirt Dress


When I have some spare time I do like to have a look at Kate Waterhouse’s blog, it is alway’s an enjoyable read and excellent weekend reading. Kate is highly acclaimed as a stylist an journalist, with her eye sometimes picking up on an outstanding trend. The shirt dress is one of those trends. I particularly like how she keeps her accessories simple, including her hair, matching her shoes to her sunglasses and a stand out clutch with beautiful detail is a high-quality piece. Her hair is free giving the look an air of summer, crisp and stylish. The beautiful thing about her article is she includes links to buy similar items to what she is wearing.

A shirt dress is typically a dress with a collar and button fastening in the style of a shirt, usually cut without a seam at the waist. This is the primary idea, but something that is well cut and styled would be a treat in the wardrobe and fill the dress needed for summer.



This elegant red striped dress shirt makes a statement with a hat styled to match and flat shoes. The hair hangs free and wavy with all the accessories, from the hat, shoes to the bag are all in tan, a nice soft touch which allows the beautiful dress to stand out. The dress can be found online on the site Just Fashion Now.


If the retro style is your thing, the dress below makes a casual statement, being sleeveless then adding a tartan/plaid shirt around the waist, which would also be a good look for festivals in summer and in the cool of the evening a bonus jacket if needed. The shoes are flat and casual, with an oversized canvas bag catching the eye. The hair and other accessories are kept neat.



If you think this might be your thing for this year, there are a lot more looks and ideas on Fashion Gum with their article, how the wear a shirt dress.