Winter/Autumn 2018

Filling a wardrobe can seem challenging, especially when looking at fashion, it is not meant to be dull but have an edge of creativity, statement and individualism about it. Whether something is in or out does not dictate what you want to wear. Hipster fashion began in Melbourne, you know a country where young people get paid to study, University is funded for and so is healthcare. A place where we have privilege but students want to have a voice and individualism also.


For winter think layers. Well that and stockings to keep those legs warm.

First up though outerwear.



Fast fashion can be a challenge, but Supre in Australia have a few statement coats that could be worth spending some money on this year. At those prices, two jackets could become favourites for this year.



Big W has a good selection of denim and a cute Queen retro-styled jacket, as well as this Wonder Woman Tee for $7 which would be great for layering.




Other items that can be found at the bargain department store are boots either cute flat ankle boots or tie up lace boots. T-shirts, leggings and other pieces are great wardrobe fillers while helping you to stay warm.



The point is don’t be tedious with fashion, do use beanies in bold colours, a splash of red or high/ankle boots to make a fashion statement, fun accessories are useful Use what is available, high end, Zara or bargain street, including a good vintage find in an op shop.