What if Hilter won the second world war? What if Japan was successful in attacking the USA? What if the swastika flew on American soil?

The Man in the High Castle answers these questions and more. It starts with a film that shows the truth behind the second world war in a world that the AXIS powers won the battle. This is very dangerous in certain hands and the Nazi will stop at nothing to recover the film.

This story while fiction brings in elements and philosophies of the Nazis of the Second World War. Not all good won out and Stalin continued on with his dictatorship, under the flag of communism.



The Man in the High Castle


The story starts in 1962 some 20 years after the war. The United States is divided into two parts the West Coast is dominated by the Japanese and the prosperous East Coast is wholly run and terrorised by the Nazi party.  People disappearing is commonplace, tortured and then either killed or returned in bad condition. Can the Nazis track down the film or can the truth be found?

With a sound cast, including DJ Qualls, this beautifully presented story takes the viewer on a journey where the world is believable, as is their challenges and the characters themselves.

From the mind of Phillip K. Dick and Ridley Scott (Blade Runner and Gladiator) puts out a quality product in this well-paced story the direction of this series is fantastic. It gives the viewer just enough to be interested in and wanting more. The cast is a strong point in this production from the minor characters to the leads. The costumes and makeup are very believable for the year 1962 under the occupying powers.



Amazon Prime


The TV series is an Amazon Prime (30-day free trial) original and is available to binge watch. Amazon did order a season 3 in early 2017, the airing dates for the 2018 season are yet to be announced.





We have chatted with cast member DJ Qualls. He said that the cast and crew are very proud of this production. He spoke glowingly of how he felt about his role in this production and living in Vancouver where the filming is taking place.