Everybody has days when they have no idea what to wear, especially in a world that is becoming image heavy. As part of a regular series, we have picked 100 looks to help any man look their best.




1. 10 of the best Menswear Duos by FashionBeans

Menswear Duos has some good ideas for classic looks which also work well for seasonal weather that could require layers. Having a few classics on hand helps build a foundation for accessible fashion and natural looks when in a hurry.


The Trend Spotter


2. Top Men’s Instagram by The Trend Spotter

This handy little article will give everyman some ideas they can steal (*err cough, borrow) from these stylish accounts. Ranging from the street style to the gentlemen in the know, it would not be difficult to find 10 looks that look good. Even trends from haircuts to facial hair are current, and the devil is always in the detail.



Men’s Style


3. 10 Wardrobe Essentials by Men’s Style

These ideas are fundamental, but when teamed with an impressive tie or Tee, they can come to life. There is also no doubt putting an outfit together quickly is helped by having the essentials. Taking a basic Tee from winter to summer would be comfortable with a scarf and blazer for colder weather but then just adding a man bracelet and man bag in warmer weather.



Chris Reining



4. Summer Clothing by Chris Reining

Dressing over 35C can be a bit more challenging because of the heat but these ideas will help, just change them around seasonally to stay on trend. Having trendy sunglasses, a bracelet, fun shoes or a fun top will keep a look updated. Easy.



The Trend Spotter



5. Men’s Hat Styles by The Trend Spotter

Men’s hats can make or break an outfit the key is to find which styles suit you. Either a favourite hat or something new will keep an outfit looking stylish and these ideas in this article will not disappoint.






6. 2018 Fashion Trends by Fashion Beans

Trends are okay within themselves but going over the top can make anyone look like a fashion victim. If unsure apply the 80/20 rule, which would be 80% of essential classic clothing that is your style mixed with 20% trend. Or put just follow one or two directions and skip the rest that you don’t like. Florals and checks can be fun while a stripe would suit a more classic personality, the other tip would be to be careful of a floral shirt, historically called the 1990s Hawaiian shirt, this style can look tacky quickly if unsure give it a miss.




7. Stylish Instagramers by Esquire

A lot of smart casual fashion as well as casual looks here. Either way, it is a fashion feast for the eyes and should provide a bit of inspiration for a few looks.



On Point Fresh


8. Boots and Jeans by On Point Fresh

Boots can keep a man’s feet warm, these winter tips for boots are classic when teamed with jeans, suitable for any age these ideas are perfect to keep the feet warm and look stylish at the same time. A man should have at least one pair of these go to boots for ease of warmth and style.





9. The New Blue Suit by GQ

A navy blue suit and the grey suit are standard for any white collar worker but this article kicks that up a notch. The only golden rule is to buy a decent fabric, stick with some kind of wool blend or other high-quality material for a suit that will get a few years out of. Polyester is not a good look. The other tip? A suit is not a blazer and shouldn’t be worn separately because it will wear differently if that is the case and look just plain weird.





10. Office Rebels by GQ

These office rebels take corporate stiffness down a notch. When the look required is a little more casual these two have taken advantage of hair, accessories and fit of their suits, to make office work, work for them. Some exciting tips and techniques to freshen up any man’s corporate look. One could say the hair has it.