As well as being the makeup director for this online magazine, I had extensive experience in the past including my clients, Family First political party, when they first began. Andrea Mason, Australian of the Year nominee 2017, was also a good friend and client.

I also spend time watching the fashion trends for the coming year, what has been popular previously and keep ideas moving to help fashion stay fresh.

This year I thought thoughtfully applied pastel makeup is dramatic and exciting given the current trends. This look can be as soft as the artist would like to use or made dramatic with clever use of glitter, a little bit of black and dramatic application. The above photos were a good representation of what I think this makeup look could offer.


The other look that would compliment a different look so that pastels are not the only choice would be an intense lip colour. Pairing a strong colour lipstick, in either bright or dark shades is an option for a different choice to go from day to night.



Vintage 1950s makeup by Vogue


The above image represents a fashionable look of the 1950s using a darker pink, pink was a popular lipstick shade of that era. Because a strong lip is a classic, it can lend itself to a vintage or contemporary look, allowing the wearer some flexibility in choice.