Vegan 2017 – The Film



Vegan 2017 – The Film


I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia and when I attended school most children were healthy, they were a healthy weight and their parents were not divorced. Now, children have illnesses that I have never heard of, their parents (or carers) use excessive amounts of cleaning products and disinfectant. Children are kept inside, no germs insight, they are suffering from weird childhood diseases, including leukemia. I have a degree in applied science, friends who have studied medicine and my wife’s cousin is a heart surgeon, nothing could have prepared us for the scale of illness and mental health issues that are out there.

A lot of this is due to environments that are overly sterile, not good for the immune system, due to an overuse of cleaning products bodies are bombarded with chemicals in the home, then families are torn apart by divorce, which is not good for any bodies emotions.

Our planet is used and abused in the name of the almighty dollar, people are perpetually eating, but a new generation has found its voice, they are saying no to animal products, the abuse of the planet plus looking at a more sustainable lifestyle.

The film Vegan 2017, is freely available to watch on YouTube. The content airs concerns along with scientific data that analysis farming systems plus the overproduction of food.



The ideas behind the film would complement concepts such as boutique farming, which is ethical farming done on a smaller scale. Boutique farms are excellent sources for eggs or handmade dairy goods which are part of a lot of peoples diets. Urban agriculture has also seen a resurgence given the concerns some people have about food production. This is not an isolated concern, celebrities have worried too, including Leonardo DiCaprio, who is also investing in vegan companies or other well-known people are buying bee farms due to fears of the effects of GMO on the bee population. Basically, no bees equal no human existence on the planet due to the lack of pollination.



With a change in diet, nutrients like calcium, iron, protein, and micronutrients need to be monitored while making the transition. Pregnant/breastfeeding women and children need to pay close attention to their daily diet and nutritional requirements.

Even vegetarianism or going vegan a few days a week has a positive impact on lowering cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease and reducing the risk of some cancers. It also reduces the exposure to chemicals and hormones used in the production of mass-produced food. Boutique farms could be a lifesaver both in lifestyle as well as nutritious food.