Men’s Fashion Roundup 2018


For this article, we take a look at some fashion tips to keep your look fresh and tweak your image.




Vans shoes are a firm favourite, this article has some tips on what to buy and where;

Classic Vans a favourite weekend shoe

To take a weekend shoe brand from summer to winter, the general rule is lighter colours for summer and darker for winter.

Shoes and Shorts

The Idle Man did an excellent article on the types of shoes to wear with shorts. The hot look for the next 2 years in Vans and Converse. The article was summarised perfectly as;

“Matching your shorts with shoes doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you follow this guide, you should be able to pick out the best shoes to match your outfit. Don’t overthink it, and if in doubt just opt for a minimal and clean pair of white trainers which will suit most styles. Head over to our website to check out our shorts and shoes to make sure you have all outfits covered this summer.”

Read it in full here.

Having said that there are 2 unbreakable rules for men’s fashion these coming seasons. The first is no socks should be visible, if unsure what socks to buy to sit below the shoeline, go to a department store and have a chat with a salesperson for some advice. The second is sandals and slides/thongs really are casual and best for the pool or beach, outside of that the look comes off as clueless.

Live in a cold climate but going somewhere warm for a vacation, it’s easiest to take 3 pairs of shoes. A casual pair for the beach, Converse or Vans type shoe for the evenings and one other that will fit the lifestyle of your destination. To save room with luggage wear one pair on the plane, leaving only 2 that need to be packed.




The Tan has become popular again Zac Efron has been spotted sporting one and spending time at the beach. A lighter colour looks good but don’t damage your skin, too much time in the sun is aging on the skin also. Enjoy the sun but be mindful of protecting the skin, a light spray tan from a bottle can help achieve a beautiful glow too.

Bracelets and watches are still popular as accessories this how to wear a bracelet guide includes some fun and timeless tips for men.

Lighter clothing, a jacket, denim, a few fun Tee shirts, and shorts will cover most bases for the summer season.



The goal is to keep warm but look stylish and not bulky. Again basics are always good to start with such as neat but lightly detailed denim, shirts, and pants. Adding to that a couple of good coats for outwear such as a jacket and a more extended coat, one for smart wear and one allowing for rain or snow, remembering the one for rain would need to be waterproof.

Adding a light knit jumper (sweater) or a cardigan and accessories such as a scarf and gloves to add visual interest to an outfit.

Armani has added texture to his collection this year. Velvet and fine textured fabric or knits give the man’s wardrobe an interesting twist.